Our Story:


Take a peak inside our thoughts. We all are artist of some or other kind who could never call just one medium our own. Inspiration for an artist work comes from their surroundings, including for local colonial and Victorian architecture, landscapes, cityscapes and many. It is our privilege to provide the artists with a venue to display and sell their own work. Many of the artists will have a roof to continue to nurture their gifts and be involved in the love of art. This gallery and the mission behind it is a reflection of all that our parents taught about appreciating and valuing one’s talents and gifts, treating people the way you would like to be treated, exceeding the customer’s expectations through attire less work ethic and giving back to the community that helped raise you.

This dream of opening an art gallery and studio was nurtured in usbecause of our family. And our spouses are our silent partners behind this idea.

VirtuosoConnect Team.